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Work Examiner Standard provides a set of tools for monitoring and tracking online activities
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19 October 2011

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Often you may think that your employees are visiting the sites that are restricted? For having a close eye on the systems of the employees you might be looking for some program that could let you know the application, program accessed by them. Now your search would come to an end with the Work Examiner Standard 2.1.337. It would give you all the details about what your employees had been doing during the working hours. The interface is simple and easy to handle by anyone.

Work Examiner Standard 2.1.337 would help you to know about the applications and even the internet activities of the employees. The program shows all the details and lets you know about the time that they had spent on the different applications. The screen of the software is set with decency and shows the expandable menu for getting the required information. It would track the activities and gives the time account of them like for how long the employee had been using IM softwares, games softwares, etc. The program would generate a report of these mentioning all the required details. You would get to know about the unproductive works like surfing websites, or other application that are not concerned to the official works. You can lock/ unlock such sites or programs for a selected period of time. You can find out about the internet activities that had been going on your corporate network. The software shows the list of the various sections for users, performance, reports, reports jobs, etc to make the selection from. The related contents of the selected item would be shown on the right side. You also get the easy option of ‘Generate Report’ for having the reports with you. The presence of the computer monitoring software installed along with the corporate network can not be identified by the employees easily. The software also let you to improve the productivity level of your employees through work flow and performance reward systems.

Work Examiner Standard 2.1.337 software ensures better work performance by your employees and have a check that they do not visit restricted sites. For ensuring work efficiency and helping you stay away from myriad problems the software has been given 4 rating points.

Publisher's description

Work Examiner Standard is a set of computer monitoring tools for tracking and monitoring the online and offline activities of your company's employees. It automatically generates detailed reports and allows you to have complete control over which websites and applications your staff can access. Work Examiner can also be configured to periodically take screenshots, capture emails sent and received and record IM messages and keystrokes. This is ideal for making sure that your staff are working correctly and training them to perfection. Blocking selected applications and online resources is a quick and simple process and you can set these restrictions to either be permanent or for specific times of the working day. Installing the software on your network is an extremely quick and simple process, taking only three clicks. Enhance the productivity of your company's employees without demotivating them with draconian methods such as excessive CCTV and others.
Work Examiner Standard
Work Examiner Standard
Version 3.0
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